Abstract Submission

Below are the guidelines/instructions on abstract submission. Please read them carefully before beginning your submission. There have been changes since the last congress. The link to submit your abstract is at the end of the instructions.

Your abstract will be submitted in one of the congress minisymposia.  For a description of each minisymposium, go here.

  • Each paid registrant at USNCCM14 will be limited to one presentation.
  • Participants may be an author of multiple abstracts, but may be the presenting author of only one abstract.
  • Abstracts are to be submitted as text only with a limit of 400 words.
  • Your abstract must contain a summary of your presentation as well describe the principal contributions to the field.
  • Up to three references may be included in the abstract and will be counted toward the 400 words.
  • No figures or equations are allowed.
  • When entering the title, use the 'title' case (capitalize only the first letter of each significant word).  Do not enter the title in all caps or capitalize the letter of the first word only.
  • Be sure to enter all the authors.
  • New! There is a 400 character limit on affiliations.  Limit the affiliation for each author to name of institution, company, or university only.  Do not provide address or department name.

Once successfully submitted, you will receive an email notification that the abstract has been received.  If you do not receive an email notification within 24 hours, contact us at usnccm14@usacm.org.

Your abstract will be reviewed by the organizers of your selected minisymposium. We anticipate that notification of your abstract acceptance or rejection will be made 30 days after the close of abstract submission as published on the congress website.


If you forgot you user id, please contact Cynthia Steiner or Ruth Hengst at usnccm14@usacm.org.  All other questions may also be sent to usnccm14@usacm.org.