SC14-005: 2D and 3D Modelling of River and Coastal Areas Hydrodynamics Using TELEMAC

Dr. Riadh Ata, EDF

Dr. Sébastien Bourban, HR Wallingford

TELEMAC-MASCARET is an integrated suite of solvers for use in the field of free-surface flows, waves, water quality and sediment transport. Having been used in the context of many studies throughout the world, it has become a major standard in its field. TELEMAC-MASCARET was made “open source” in 2010 to be freely available to the whole community of consultants, universities and researchers while being actively supported and continuously developed by a consortium of industrials, consultants and research organisations. Anyone can therefore take advantage of TELEMAC-MASCARET and assess its performance.

This course covers a broad range of modeling techniques for fluvial and coastal processes using the TELEMAC-MASCARET. Lectures will provide briefly both theoretical background and practical aspects of modeling free surface hydrodynamics. Introductory topics, which can be grasped by attendees without a deep background in numerical methods, will be followed by advanced topics such as mesh optimization, selection of numerical schemes, turbulence modeling, parallel computing and post-processing examples.

The capabilities and benefits of the TELEMAC-MASCARET modeling system will be shown by hands-on application using data sets acquired on real rivers.
For more information about TELEMAC-MASCARET see the website