Computational Modelling and Control of Large-scale Stochastic Dynamic Systems

Sonjoy Das, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Biswa Datta, Northern Illinois University

This minisymposium (MS) concerns the state-of-the-art computational techniques for modeling and control of large-scale linear and nonlinear stochastic dynamical systems that aim to reduce the unwanted vibrations and to lessen the probability of structural failures. By structural failure it is meant that structural collapse with catastrophic consequences and/or loss of the required structural functionality. Of special interests to this MS will be the work on techniques of modern active vibration control based on quadratic partial eigenvalue assignment approach in a second-order setting and those on the state-space based linear quadratic regulator and H-infinity control techniques for robust stabilization of very large-scale systems with several thousands or millions of degrees of freedom. The presentations that focus on reducing the probability of extreme failures with calamitous consequences for large-scale stochastic dynamical systems are particularly welcome.