Coupled Multiphysics Problems: Discretization Approaches and Solution Methods

Matthias Mayr, Technical University of Munich
Guglielmo Scovazzi, Duke University
Michael Gee, Technical University of Munich

Multiphysics Coupled Problems pose great challenges to modeling, discretization and solution approaches. In this minisyposium we aim at bringing together researchers involved in all aspects of multiphysics simulations to foster a fruitful discussion on the influence of modeling and discretizations choices on the iterative solution of the resulting coupled nonlinear and linear systems of equations.

We therefore seek contributions in the specific areas of

- novel methods for nonconforming volumetric and surface discretizations of multiphysics problems such as e.g. thermomechanics, fluid-solid interaction, fluid-acoustics, vibration & noise, piezomechanics, electrophysiology, convection-diffusion-reaction problems involving multiple species and others

- coupling conditions enforcement

- partitioned and monolithic solution methods

- efficient consistent linearization

- block preconditioning and iterative solvers for linearized systems of equations

with emphasis on a holistic view on modeling and solution.