Adaptivity for Multiscale Problems

Ludovic Chamoin, ENS Paris-Saclay
Frédéric Legoll, ENPC
Kris van der Zee, University of Nottingham
Performing multiscale simulations has now become a standard task in both research and industry. However, many questions remain open for such simulations. In this mini-symposium, we will discuss (i) the efficiency of the employed multiscale computational methods, and (ii) the accuracy of the obtained results.
The mini-symposium thus aims at bringing together researchers with common interest in adaptive methods applied to multiscale problems. Its goal is to present recent fundamental advances that enable effective and predictive multiscale simulations. We anticipate contributions on the following topics:
- estimation of the discretization and the modeling errors for multiscale problems;
- adaptive, hierarchical, and reduced-order modeling;
- applications to specific problems such as composite damage simulations or inverse analysis;
Related topics such as stochastic homogenization are also welcome.