Modeling Materials with Coupled Physics

Stephan Rudykh, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Sergey Kuznetsov, North Carolina State University

Functional material is a rapidly growing field of study in mechanics community. The multiphysics nature of functional materials poses multiple challenges in modeling and engineering architectured materials with new functionalities. Recent advances in material manufacturing (such 3D printing and additive manufacturing) open an exciting opportunity to realize and test pre-designed materials with desirable functionalities.
This session aims to bring together experts in modeling, simulations, manufacturing and experimentations in the field of functional materials to present and discuss recent advances.

Topics of particular interest include:

• Electroactive and magnetoactive materials
• Shape-memory and light-sensitive polymers
• Design of microstructured and functional materials
• 3D printing and additive manufacturing
• Computational homogenization and multiscale modeling
• Design and modeling of metamaterials