Data Science and Optimization for the Knowledge Revolution

François Soumis, Polytechnique

Our societies are generating and collecting data at ever increasing speed and data is now a valuable core asset both in commercial endeavors and in scientific discoveries of the future. The “big data era” offers great opportunities for fostering new discoveries, technologies, processes and products, resulting in major advancements across the full spectrum of human activities. A key enabler for this knowledge revolution is the combination of decision science with data science for making actionable and valuable decisions from the information extracted from data. This combination is necessary to obtain the full value of data in complex systems: transportation and logistic systems, energy networks and resource management, human health, etc.

The Campus of Montréal obtained this year an APOGÉE grant of 93 millions$ from the Canadian Government to work in this field. Some ongoing works will be presented. This mini symposium will be a forum for this rapidly developing discipline, and seeks abstracts that match the above theme. Of particular interest are approaches combining big data and complex decisions. Applications could span the spectrum of areas in science and engineering.