New Trends in Topology Optimization

Glaucio Paulino, Georgia Institute of Technology
Emilio Silva, University of Sao Paulo
Junji Kato, Tohoku University
Miguel Aguilo, Sandia National Laboratories


This mini-symposium aims to bring together researchers working on various aspects of topology optimization applied to fluids, solids and structures. In particular, we are interested in recent advances in topology optimization. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:
* Novel and efficient topology optimization algorithms
* New methods to handle manufacturing, stress and other constraints
* Exact solutions to topology optimization problems
* New methods to solve multi-objective topology optimization problems
* Recent advances in reliability-based topology optimization (RBTO)
* Efficient solution of industrial large scale topology optimization problems
* Inclusion of microstructure in topology predictions
* Recent advances in topology optimization applied to multi-physics problems
* Exploiting high-performance computing in topology optimization
* New methods of adaptive mesh refinement in topology optimization
* Multiscale topology optimization
* Topology optimization applied to fluid problems