Design of Building Structures Located on Unsteady Ground

Janusz Rębielak, Cracow University of Technology


Thematic scope of proposed minisymposium refers to wide range of problems connected with design of stabile and safe structural systems of buildings located in earthquake areas, in mining damage sectors or on subsoil of very small load capacity. In particular it refers to problems of design of foundation of heavily loaded objects, like for example tall buildings, as well as the design of the aboveground structures of these objects. Foundation structures for such buildings have to be safe, not too expensive and friendly to the environment particularly regarding the underground water system. The very essential feature of the bearing structure is its ability to resist huge values of dynamic loads applied to it. The bearing structure of building should be able to absorb, in a safe way, energy of vibrations caused by wind, by unexpected dislocation of the subsoil or by the earthquake. It means that it should have the inherent features of a vibration damper, which can be enhanced by application of e.g. computer controlled hydraulic jacks. It would be very advantageous, when the foundation structure will be able to straighten the previously inclined objects. The considered structural systems can be applied in the designed as well as in the existing objects. Buildings designed by application of suitable structural systems should obtain interesting and individual architectonic forms.