Flow-Induced Vibrations: Solution Techniques and Models

Rajeev Jaiman, National University of Singapore
Boo Cheong Khoo, NUS
Jie Liu, NUS
Duc Vinh Le, A*STAR-IHPC

In this mini-symposium, we invite for participation on the novel development, analysis and applications of fluid-structure interaction (FSI) techniques. Apart from the novel efficient FSI techniques, assessment and improvement of existing monolithic, partitioned iterative for body-fitted moving boundary and/or immersed methods based on fixed fully-Eulerian grid are encouraged. New ideas on generalized Eulerian/Lagrangian techniques are welcomed for a wide range of physical scales, non-matching spatial and temporal discretizations, and the complexity associated with fluid-to-structure mass ratios, Reynolds number, large structural deformation, proximity interference, near-wall contacts, free-surface, and other interacting physical fields. Contributions on FSI software design, implementation details and benchmarking for solving a broad range of applications are also sought. This mini-symposium will provide a platform to share and discuss the novel physical phenomena and applications to numerous emerging and classical applications in the field of aerospace, offshore and marine, bio-medical, acoustics, renewable energy and nuclear engineering. To scale up the simulations for real-world problems, the new ideas on parallel computing algorithms, acceleration techniques and reduced-order modeling for large-scale coupled FSI problems are welcomed.