Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction: Methods and Applications

Artem Korobenko, University of Calgary
Ming-Chen Hsu, Iowa State University
Kenji Takizawa, Waseda University
Yuri Bazilevs, University of California San Diego
Tayfun Tezduyar, Rice University

The topics of this mini-symposium will cover broad area of computational fluid-structure interaction (FSI), including theoretical developments, stable and efficient iterative methods, novel mesh moving techniques, adaptive methods, efficient coupling strategies, stabilized and multi-scale methods, sophisticated discretization techniques for fluids and structure, new developments in software design, efficient implementation on high-performance computers and more. It will show the importance of FSI analysis to complex multi-physics problems in engineering, science and medicine. The goal is to bring together experts from academia and industry to discuss the most recent advances and emerging research directions in a field of Computational FSI.