Computational Methods in Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Ethan Kubatko, The Ohio State University
Kazuo Kashiyama, Chuo University, Japan
Clint Dawson, The University of Texas at Austin
Many problems in geophysical and environmental fluid mechanics have energetic flow scale lengths that are highly nonhomogeneous. Computational methods for problems in environmental fluid mechanics have matured considerably in recent years. This mini-symposium will examine the latest developments in solving uncoupled and coupled flow and transport problems with environmental applications.

Topics of interest include:

Numerical methods for environmental flow problems
Flow and transport processes in river, estuarine and coastal systems
Flood disaster Mitigation
Water and air pollution
Sediment transport
Climate change
Fluid-structure interactions
Acoustic problems
High-performance computing
Error analysis, verification and validation
Unstructured grid generation criteria
p and h refinement