Advances in Error Analysis and Computational Aspects of Deterministic and Stochastic PDE Eigenvalue Problems

Harri Hakula, Aalto University
Daniele Boffi, University of Pavia
Jeffrey Ovall, Portland State University
Luka Grubisic, University of Zagreb
Stefano Giani, Durham University

The mini-symposium intends to bring together experts working on deterministic and stochastic PDE eigenvalue problems and related topics as well as their applications to discuss recent developments and new challenges in this fascinating field. 
The anticipated topics of discussion in this context include but are not limited to: novel discretizations, higher-order methods, a posteriori error estimation and self-adaptive algorithms, the role of uncertainty quantification, and challenging applications in engineering and 
physical sciences. The field of stochastic eigenvalue problems is still in its infancy and the current state-of-the-art will be reviewed. We invite contribution from researchers working in these areas.